Operational Resources

for Owners & Property Managers

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Guidance for Dealing with COVID-19

College Area Rental Resources
CAPP Brochure
Mini-dorm Fact Sheet

Leasing & Retention
Applicants with Questionable Credit History
Craigslist Tips Paper
Holding Deposits
Rent Adjustment Kit

Operational Issues
Abandoned Property
Cause Eviction (60-day with cause) – City of San Diego
Change of Management/Ownership, Intent to Sell Property
Change in Terms – Non Rent Related
Clotheslines & Drying Racks
Companion versus Service Animals
Day Care Facilities on Rental Properties
Death of a Tenant
Domestic Violence
Election/Political Signs
Initial Pre Move-Out Inspections
Marijuana Policies
No Smoking Guidelines Packet
Policies on Tenant Guests
Pesticides Notice
Premature Lease Termination by a Tenant
Removal/Towing Vehicles from Private Property
Resident Apartment Manager Compensation
Satellites Dishes
Security Deposits
Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA)
San Diego County Sheriff Lock-Out Policy
Smoking Policies
Source of Income Ordinance – City of San Diego
Temporary Tenant Relocation
Tenant Hoarding
Tenants with Pets
Termination of Tenancy Notices
Third Party Payments
Three-Day Notices
Wear & Tear in Rental Units


Property Maintenance & Improvements
Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
Hiring/selecting a Contractor
LED Lighting on Rental Property
Water Heater Efficiency Standards

Commercial Organics Recycling (MORe)
Mandatory Recycling at Multifamily Properties
Recycling Info Packet – City of San Diego
Recycling Info Packet – County of San Diego

Regulatory Compliance
AB 551 – Bed Bugs & Rental Properties
San Diego Air Pollution Control District Rule 1206 – Asbestos Demolition & Renovation
California Consumer Privacy Act Update
California Omnibus Privacy Act – Comparison Sheet
California Consumer Privacy Act – Memorandum
CPC 396 – Anti-Price Gouging Rules – AB 1919
Plumbing Retrofit Requirements
Pool Maintenance & Safety Requirements
Pool Signage Requirements
San Diego Business Rental Tax
Telephone Consumer Protection Act 101 Memorandum

Risk Management
ADA Accessible Parking Requirements for Multifamily Complexes
Code Enforcement Issues
Credit Card and Convenience Fees
Criminal Background Check (NAA Toolkit)
Do Not Track Disclosure Law
Fair Housing: Bicycles, Skateboards, etc., Signage
Inspection of Balconies, Stairwells, etc. (SB 721)
Mold in Rental Housing
Music Licensing (NMHC White Paper)
Music Licensing for Fitness Centers & Movie Room (NMHC Guidance Paper)
Proposition 65 Noticing Requirements – August 2018

Safety & Security
Carbon Monoxide Detectors
Crime Free Multi-Housing Programs
Homelessness Resources
Residential Battery Disposal
Responding to Protests
Smoke Detectors

Ratio Utility Billing System (RUBS)
RHC Water Conservation Information Packet
SCRHA Water Conservation Information Packet
Submetering on Multifamily Properties
Tenant Utility Bills

Please remember that advice provided is only operational and does not constitute legal advice.


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